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Puppy Mince 1kg Portion Pack

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Puppy Mince is a mix of Chicken, Beef & Roo which is double minced during production, therefore is a much finer mince and reduces the size of bone fragments to allow ease of digestion and extraction of essential nutrients. Furthermore, it is slightly higher in soft bone and cartilage content (25%) for extra calcium and nutrients while bones and joints are developing. A mix of vegetables (cabbage, spinach, carrots & pumpkin) are added to help support immune system while developing and to assist with digestion.

No preservatives, colourants, fillers or unnatural products.


  • Crude Fat             12.5/100g
  • Protein                  16.3g/100g
  • Crude Fibre            0.1g/100g

Meat 72%, Bone 24%, Vegetable 4%