What is the best food for your dog?

Your four-legged friend’s health depends on their diet having essential nutrients in the form they need. Raw meaty bones, which are a feature of the BARF diet, will support their dental, physical and mental health.

Despite being domesticated over the centuries, dogs still retain the nutritional and physiological needs of their wolf ancestors.

Feed your pet carnivores properly with a natural raw diet — such as the BARF diet — and they will reap the benefits:

  • Leaner body mass. Dogs generally gain lean muscle mass, increasing their metabolic rate and energy levels.
  • Improved skin and coat condition. Skin allergies and irritations that cause constant scratching and biting will disappear. No more medicated washes, or cortisone and associated vet bills.
  • Doggy odour disappears.
  • Naturally clean white teeth, no gum disease, and no doggy breath. No need for expensive veterinary treatment and risky anaesthetics in order to have teeth de-scaled. 
  • Teeth flossing will happen naturally as a result of ripping flesh from the bone. It will also stimulate the flow of digestive enzymes in the stomach and intestines.
  • Healthy stools. No more sloppy doggy stools. They’ll be reduced in volume, firmer, and will soon turn chalky white.
  • Health improved, your dogs (and cats) will be needing the vet less and less.
  • Neck, jaw and shoulder muscles are exercised when chewing and ripping at raw meaty bones. Psychological benefits have also been noted with dogs seeming more calm and content.
  • Improved mobility and activity in older, arthritic dogs and dogs with little energy, who exhibit a "new lease on life."
  • Breeders report having better managed matings and pregnancies, with puppies growing slowly and leaner.
  • Longer life expectancy as dogs and cats are healthier and happier on the BARF diet.